Christian Komor

THE EARTH and the intricate and incredible artwork of nature is a priceless gift inherited by humankind. In our present time the connection between the Earth and it’s human inhabitants is threatened – the survival of the latter indisputably in the balance. The UN Secretary General announced recently we may have less than 20 years before climate disruption accelerates exponentially - beyond our ability to repair.

Fortunaty we now have the technology to perform the crucial task of removing carbon directly from the atmosphere - something sustainability and mitigation efforts (solar, electric, wind) cannot do. Ocean Assisted Carbon Capture & Reflection OACC&R) can start right here in my home state of Arizona - beginning with the addition of carbon capture technology to our fossil fuel power plants.

This is my main purpose in running for Arizona Governor in 2018. If you enjoy the beauty of these photographs (and cherish your grandchildrens future) write in your vote for Christian R. Komor on November 6th. Sadly, this may indeed be your last hope for there is no other currently on our very short horizon. - Dr. Christian R. Komor